Friday, 22 August 2014

Sheldon's last week

Last week we unfortunately had to say goodbye to a fantastic cast member and friend. Sheldon works in merch and with his extension was here for 13 months. On Sunday I was working until 6:45 I was going to try and get an er but Jess said she might go with me. As she was done at 7:15 I was going to wait. I changed at wated for a little then I went to ask her. Turns out she decided not to come. I went to japan to get food and that took longer then I thought. I shouldn't of gone to japan but oh well. I got there and they were in line for the great movie ride. I waited for a while before Carey joined me and we waited longer for them toget there. We then went on tower of terror and then sat and waited for fantasmic. After fantasmic we went to the bus stop and there was no line and a bus was just pulling up. Monday I had the day off and I just did a few errands to get stuff from epcot for Sheldon. That night was his throw out and games. It was a good night and a nice send off. The throw out part was short just like he wanted. For games we played cards against humanity, I was so excited because I had never played it before and it was worth the wait. The hard part was trying to get all the games back to vista. It was a struggle but somehow we managed. Tuesday was Sheldon's last day at Epcot. We met up with everyone around 4:30. He had a few thigs he wanted to do over the two days we had. We went on a few rides before going to Germany for dinner. I at first thought that I wouldn't be able to eat anything but I was suprised that I actually could eat a lot. It was buffet style and so that helped a lot. We got sat late and so by the time that we got out of the resturant illuminations was almost over. We watched the end and then sat and waited for the crowd to die down before walking to the bus. On Wednesday it was his last day. I went to Epcot before 11 to watch the merch thing they do. They get their certificate at the cart and we all take pictures there. After that Carolyn Carey and myself went on malstrum and then are lunch at the land pavilion before going back to canada to watch Sheldon do his handprint and his boot toss. After we did that we all went on test track (single rider)  and got frozen cokes before going to the front of the park. On the way we talke to this pin trader and I got this wilderness explorer button he made. We then wet over to mk and Sheldon got his ears embroidered. We went on a few rides before watching wishes at the back of the castle. His lists of things he wanted to do was fantastic and it made the day so much better. The rest of the week I just had a regular week at work. That being us to this week and I will update about that shortly! 

Have a magical day! 


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