Friday, 1 August 2014

July 2.0

UGHHH so I locked my phone and forgot about the post. When I wen to add more to it. The app had reset and I lost everything. That means this is going to take longer then I thought to be posted.

After the fourth of July I worked everyday until the 10th. I decided that I was goig to make another trip home for a visit. I went home in February to see my skiing family. This time I went to see my camp family. Although I was doing this I didn't want to spend a lot of time at home. So when I was looking at flights I saw then a few had connections. I ended up getting a flight with an 8 hour layover in Montreal. My plan for this layover was to sit in the airport with a book or do something in the city for a little while. One of the people I use to work with Matt, he lives in Montreal too so that was another option. I pre booked a cab to pick me up at vista. My plan was to go to the ATM at the club house to take out money for the cab before going to the cab. Seeing as I was broke and I left on pay day it seemed like a good idea. Well that ATM didn't work, so I quickly went over to Walgreens to use theirs. Well turns out the person who went into the store right before me was there to fix it. So seeing as there is a cash back limit of $20 per transaction I had to make 3 transactions to get enough. The lady definitely thought I was crazy. I got to the airport and checked in. When I was going through security because I was alone they put me through this testing lane. I feel like they have been doing this testing lane. I didn't have to take my shoes off or my laptop out of my bag. That was okay with me because I didn't have to do any extra work. I had some time to kill before the flight so I wondered around the airport. My actual flight to Montreal was smooth. They don't have tv's on the plane but they do have this app you can get in your phone to get all the same stuff you normally have on those tv's. I got to Montreal and seeing as my phone doesn't work in Canada trying to get in contact with anyone could be difficult. I connected to the wifi while walking to the arrivals area. I was told where to go and what to look for when I got to that area. I messaged Matt telling him I had landed and then again when I was in the arrivals area. The thing is at the pick up area it is to far from the airport that the wifi doesn't work. I was standing there looking for the car. We all know I am awful at knowing what a certain kind of car logo looks like. Some of them I know but most I don't. I was standing looking around and then just when I was going to consider walking towards the airport to get wifi again I see this car driving with Eric (Matt's friend) in the passenger car. We saw each other at the same time. I got in the car and I was so happy to see them both. The three of us went to Tim hortons and sat there for a while. On the way though they occasionally tried to get me to read a sign. Seeing as they are mostly in French I had no idea what I they said. Like I said we sat in timmis for while, I didn't care what we did it was nice to see them again. They harassed me a little over the few hours we were together. Sad to say I missed that, normally it happens to me all the time. Although when Matt left no one has teased me. After Tim hortons we went back to Matt's dad's house. There three of us watched you tube videos and videos from their Nevada trip before Eric had to go home. Matt and I then had an hour before he was going to take me back to the airport. Matt had to go to Ottawa with his mom so he had to drop me off earlier then we both intended too. After Eric left Matt and I talked about the program life back home and just random things. I was nice spending time with him not only because I missed him like crazy. Also because it cemented to me that our friendship is strong enough to last. I was nervous about what would happen but now I know I was again like usual worrying about nothing. After I got to the airport and through security I had two hours to kill. I bought a few thigs in the gift shop and then sat in terminal waiting for the flight. The flight to Toronto was definitely the shortest flight I hae ever been on. It was only an hour maybe a bit less. I was met by my dad in the luggage area and we drove home. It was a bitter sweet thing. I was excited to see everyone over the weekend but I knew the next time that I would be driving home is when I come home in three months. I got home and made Ali come downstars to get her stuff I brought her. We all talked for awhile before going to bed. On Friday I took Ali to get her eyebrows done then we went to whole foods. After that we went home and watched the Lego movie. Partway through my grandma arrived. After her my dad got home from work and then shortly after my mom came home with my grandpa. We all went and sat outside when we waited for dinner to he ready. It was nice to see them again and have a usual family dinner. 

Saturday was the reason I came home in the first place. I left the hose at around 11. I definitey should of left earlier but oh well. It took me about two hours to get to camp with traffic. I got there and everyone was eating after the grad. Even the staff had food that how late I was. I got out of the car and started looking for Danielle. The first person I saw was popit, after I said hi to him more people noticed that I was there. I talked to them until they all had to start cleaning. I wondered around orillia for awhile before I went back to camp. Danielle and I went to the camp site to set up and went to Walmart before going into town for dinner. When we were there we realized how May camp people were there too. After we finished dinner we went and sat at a big table of the staf, most I knew from last summer and years before. After that Danielle, Christian and I hung around town before Danielle and I went to the camp site. The next morning it was raining so we put everything in the car and made another stop at Walmart before going back to camp. I dropped Danielle off then I headed back home. I was there for about an hour before I got back in the car to go dropp Ali off at camp. When I was there I stayed with her until she got signed in. Ben signs her in and it was good to see him again. I then walked around going to the craft barn ad the cabins. I walked down to the waterfront to look at the new dock before starting to make my rounds saying goodbye. That took me an hour, way lover then I expected but I wasn't going to rush it. The next day I stayed around the house relaxing and catching up on stuff I missed. 

After my trip home I didn't really do anything exciting. I had a few more stupid am gard shifts. Other then work I went to a few parks on my days off but nothing special. I did finally get to hang out with my friend Sean though. He works at sorin and was a cp. When he came back down with a seasonal job he ran into so many problems. It was nice to actually get to see him outside of the break trailer and for longer then 5 min. I have been planing the things that I want to do before I leave as I don't have much time left. It's a weird place I am in right now. I have tree months left. It's a lot of time, at the same time not. I am just going to enjoy what time I have left here. Enjoying what I can of Disney and spending it with my favourite people down here. Not really much happened other then that in July that I can think of. 

Well it's now august 7th and so now I will update on the past week in another post. 

Ave a magical day!  


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