Monday, 2 June 2014

The shortest work week ever

Although nothing exciting happened recently. I have decided to try and update as much as I can again so I don't fall behind like I have in the past. Yesterday I worked from 10:30-7:15. My first normal shift in a long time. Before amateur hour arrived there where only 9 of us. A lot of people where working almost open to close because there's not enough of us. For a few weeks we had 12 of us and it worked out great. Now since sadly the three people have left we are back down to 9. We found out though last Saturday that we have two new girls arriving. This was a suprise to us as normally people will post on the Facebook group, these girls didn't. That will put us back up to 11 people. This was the first day that I worked since the three of them left. It was strange seeing their names on everything. Although it made work more intresting as I was on the look for them all day. After work I went home made dinner and relaxed before going to bed. 

Today I am currently at Epcot. Last week my room ate both of my bank cards. Because of this my urge to shop has gone up because I know I can't. Also with them leaving I haven't had the chance to emotional shop yet. I ordered a new Disney pay role card and it should be arriving either tomorrow or Wednesday. Once it arrived I will be going right to Walmart and then to some Disney store to shop my feelings away. Don't worry parents it is all responsible purchases. Untill then I don't know what to do with myself. Seeing as I just had four days off work I for know what to do. I decided to go to Epcot because I am okay with doing the rides alone. I just went into the art of Disney and thought about everything I am going to buy. Now I am in line for nemo! I think games will me hosted tonight at my apartment. I really want new people to go to gomes more so I can pass down governal general to someone. 

Well it's almost my time to get the the clam shell, will update later! 

Have a magical day!