Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Family visit

Finally updating about something that happened almost tree weeks ago! My family (plus pyper) came to visit me!

This was a bitter sweet thing to happen. I was excited to show my family my new home here at Disney but them being here also marked the half way point of my program. I didn't know what the plan was for them being here untill it was too late for me to book any additional days off. So I only had my three regular days off when they where here. 

On the Friday I took the bus back to vista and quickly made food and packed some things. Then my dad picked me up from outside of vista. He put into the gps the airport and then learned that it's only 20 min's away from vista. My uncle told him it would take 40 min. We had so much time to kill before their flight got in so we went for a bit of a drive. I showed him around the other three complexes. Even though it was dark and you couldn't really see anything it gave him a general over view of the complexes. We then went to the airport. Even though I have only flown into there twice (technically three but I'm not counting 2007) I knew the lay out of the place. We got Starbucks and then waited for them. Once we found them we walked to the car. Thankfully my dad drove so we didn't have to wait for luggage. We got in the car and then where on our way to bob and Julie's. As soon as we got into the car I was already tired of pyper and Ali. They haven't bothered me in so long I guess they just needed it out of their system. When we finally got to bob and Julie's, Bon had already gone to bed so Julie showed us where stuff was and then we went to bed. The next day we got up I made lunch for myself and then dad drove me to work. It took ten min longer then usuall because of how far away they are but I still made it on time. It was just a regular day of work and I can't remeber anything special happening. After work I was in such a bad mood from doing lums. I got in the car and pyper and Ali where too happy and that didn't help. Normally I go home on a crowded bus full of people who just worked all day so they hardly talk. We got back to bob and Julie's and I ate some food while talking to them about the program and my job. Sunday was the same routine as the day before other then I didn't go back to the house. Instead I went to Alex from merch her apartemt for an Easter/goodbye dinner for Alex (two Alex's). 

Monday I had the day off and so we went to Hollywood studios. This is where the frustration began. This is the place where I learned that they really don't care about Disney. We did almost every thing there is to do at Hollywood studios. We didn't go on one mans dream though. That's something I do almost every time I am there. I chose not to do it because I didn't want them (pyper and Ali) to try and ruin it but complaining. So we didn't do it. They don't seem to mind. They probally don't even care. I took them to everything I wanted to other then fantasmic. Fantasmic is this really cool firework show with characters and they project thigs onto water. I asked them many times and they didn't have care if they saw it or not. So I didn't take them to it. At this point I was done with then for the day so they dropped me off at the board walk. I had two hours to kill before our kitchen sink reservation. I took the long way and walked to japan and got some food. I then went back and as I was passing the beach club they had a movie playing in the beach. I went and sat down and watched monsters inc for a bit before finding Erica. When it was time we walked over to the resturant and on the way their found both Alex's and Carolyn. We continued the walk over and when we got there Matt was waiting for us. After finishing the kitchen sink we all got on a bus and went home. 

Tuesday we went to magic kingdom. We got fast passes for the more popular rides then we went on space mountain. We went on almost all of the majour attractions. I even made them go on a few of my favourites. We didn't go on carousel of progress or country bear jamboree like I had planed but they wouldn't of liked it anyway. By the time we did everything we wanted the electrical parade was about it start. Again they didn't care about seeing that or wishes. Celebrate the magic is my favourite thing about the night at MK and we didn't see that either.  They just wanted to go home. So we did, the last of enthusiasm about it all made me not want to push them.

Wednesday was the day I was looking most foward too. I had te day all planed out the way I wanted to do everything. Of course that didn't happen. Not much I could do about that. We rode space ship earth, nemo and unfortunately figment. We then went on captain EO. My favourite tog in all of Epcot. Something I had been looking forward to showing them since I first saw it 5 months ago. We went on then when we got off nothing. No reaction at all! I loved it and if it wasn't something that made me so happy I would of gotten mad at them. We then went to canada and watched the movie. Well they did as I stood at the back talking to kristal. After that my mom took a picture of us in front of the garden in canada. It's a beautiful spot don't get me wrong. It's like taking a picture infront of your garden at home, it's just weird. We then went and walked around world showcase. I was planing on making them see all the shows but when we got to France that didn't happen. I was getting annoyed with them. Ali and pyper went and asked the cast member how long untill the show. He said 18 min and they both went "never mind". I HATE THAT SO MUCH!! WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT TO ME I THINK THEY ARE SO RUDE! The nice cast member said to them they could look around and come back. That's exactly what I was planing on doing untill I forgot... We didn't watch American adventure as it wasn't going to start for a half hour and I don't love it enough to wait that long. We did the boat rides though and that was fun. We then went back into future world. We did some more rides there. When we circled back to the land and they went on sorin' I went to canada to wait for them. I'm sorry but I'm not waiting that long for a ride I don't think is that great. Once they got back to canada it was almost time for the fireworks. At this point I was fed up with their lack of enthusiasm about everything and I was super tired. Just as the fire works where starting I left to go home. Not the best thing for me to do but I couldn't take it anymore. 

On Thursday I had work but first I let the girls into animal kingdom. We went on dinosaur and expedision Everest twice before I went off to work. They picked me up from work and then went back to the house. 

Friday I slept in as the girls where planning on gojng to DTD and I didn't really want to spend money. We went to work and I was almost late but I made it with 5 min to spare. Work the the same as normal and then I spent the night at the house for one last time. 

Saturday was their last day. I had to get up a bit earlier to bring my stuff back to vista. We went to work from there and that's where I said goodbye to my dad. After that I was off to work and that ended their trip to orlando. 

As nice as it was to have them here it was frustrating and annoying at the same time. I understood that my mom and dad where just here to visit me and that's okay. Ali and pyper though I thought where here for the Disney side of it. The first time we went under the arch way should of been my clue to how the rest of the trip would go. Before I even knew I was coming down here I dreamed about coming here. I looked up so much planed many vacations and such. I wasn't expecting them to be that into it but at least have an idea of what goes on at Disney world. When we went under the arch I turned and said to Ali and pyper "it's the first time seeing that sign!!". The only response I got was from pyper when she said " it's not our first time seeing it". I tried to get some excitement out of them by saying "well the first time this trip!!". Nope nothing, they kept talking like we where no where special. GIRLS WR ARE AT DISNEY WORLD! I still sometimes get goosebumps and my heart flutters when I see that sign. I've been here for six months and I'm often on my way to work. Also when we saw Mickey at HS. I have never seen Mickey that close other then when I first got here. I pointed him out the the girls and they where like "oh, yeah" and kept walking. YOU ARE STANDING SO CLOSE TO MICKEY MOUSE AND YOU DONT CARE AT ALL!! I get butterfly's and nervous when I see him. After all he is my boss.  That's how the entire trip went. When ever I would ask what they wated to do and they said they didn't care. They ment it, they really didn't care! Look, I get it not everyone loves Disney as much as I do but I feel that they didn't appreciate it at all. I bet if the three days I had off we didn't go to Disney. Or at all during the trip they wouldn't of cared. I understand that people don't like to meet characters. I don't really like it rather but it's all part of the magic. I love this place so much and I am around people who may not love it as much as me but they still like it. 

Down here you are in your own little world. I have six months left and I don't know what I am going to do after. Yes living here is like being in high school. There is always drama in the attraction but that's going to happen. No matter what I love it here so much and it's something that I can't explain. The fact my family doesn't really care about Disney is something that I need to accept and love on from. Seeing as there is so much they like doing and I don't have a passion for.

Well now that I have finally updated and had my rant about them being here I should end this post and move on to the next one. 

Have a magical day! 


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