Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wilderness lodge and stuff

I know I said I would be updating every day again but it's hard when work is so boring. I know no one will want to read it as much as I don't want to write it. I am currently at wilderness lodge so I decided it was a good time to update. Like I said work has been boring. In a way that's good, no drama or anything like that. Saturday was a good day because it went by super fast, everything ran smoothly, there where still open seats on the 9:30 bus and we took the fast way home. To bad it wasn't my Friday, Sunday (my Friday) went by super slowly. It wasn't just me with that opinion, everyone working that day said the same thing. Finally though my work week was over and time for yet another uneventful weekend.

Monday I surprisingly got up early. No don't really remeber what I did. I just hug around the house. Eventually I decided I needed to get out of the house. I took the bus to Chattam wich took forever! The bus was so hot I drank my entire wate bottle before even getting to Chattam. Finally after the usual 20 min I got there and off the bus. I walked to publix and got Oreos, poptarts, ice cream and to be healthy 1/4 watermelon.  I got back to my apartment, ate half the tub of ice team as it was melted. Put it in the freezer and then maybe not even 20 min later ate the rest of it for dinner. Not the healthiest I know, but it had almonds in it so that counts for something right? I watched glee on my computer untill it was time to go to games. It was Erica, Sheldon and myself small but mighty group. We played pandemic for the third week in a row and this time we saved the world! We where one turn away from loosing but it was okay we made it anyway and saved the world!! After the game was over we still had some time so we talked for awhile before Erica and I went back to vista. 

Tuesday I woke up late and it was raining. I took my time getting ready and just say around the appartment all day. Someone from housing came by to see if they fixed our shower from the original problem. I told him about the fact our spout was broken. He came back and fixed it himself. So now after three days we can have a proper shower! Other then that I didn't do anything exciting. I got caught up on shows I haven't seen for while. It eventually stopped raining and the sun even came out. I kinda felt bad for not doing anything but that didn't last long. 

Today, Wednesday. I had it in my head that I would go to the magic kingdom today. I woke up at a decent time and got ready for the day. I got the bus to Chattam to go grocery shopping at publix. I got back home and put away the food while making my lunches for the week. After that I went to the bus stop to wait to go to wilderness lodge. I have never been there and my goal is to step foot in every Disney resort hotel so I decided to go. I also remeber when we where planing our vacation last time that i really wanted to stay at that hotel. I still do and I am planing in spending a night there soon. I got there and it was like a dream come true. I don't think I have ever gotten so excited about going into a hotel before. I walked in and it is just like I imagined it. I walked around for a bit and then went and sat at the beach looking out at the water. It's a man made lake but it is still cool to look at. They also have boat rentals so it was more like being at Marco with the sound of boats in the water going past. I then walked over to the boat transportation but the line was long and I didn't see a boat so I thought it would be faster to walk and take a bus. So that's what I did, I walked over to the bus loop and that's when I started this post. After waiting for awhile a bus finally showed up. I got on and on the way to mk ghostbusters started playing and then don't you forget about me from breakfast club played after that. I didn't listen to the entire thing as we got to mk really quickly. What made it even better was the fact that as soon as I got off the bus colours of the wind started playing. I knew that it was going to be a good afternoon. I walked around mk literally. I walked from tomorrow land to fantasy land, then to liberty square and then skipped frontier land and went right into adventure land. I then walked out of the park and got on a monorail. All the ride lines where too long for me to do anything by myself. I could of but I didn't really want to go on anything. I got on the monorail to the ttc and then to Epcot. I went on captain eo and then by that time it was 7:15. I walked to cast services got on the bus and headed home. I made myself dinner and then made cookies. I talked to the roommates for awhile before finally deciding to go to bed. Over all it was the most productive day I have had in awhile. 

Have a magical day! 


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Richard Gormley

Yay two days in a row!!! Today I had work from 12:30-9:15. I got there and when Kirsten pulled rotation at 12 matt was end of rotation so he came back into the trailer. He did not look impressed at all, that scared me a little. As I mentoned yesterday it was Jeremy's last day. Jeremy wanted to do stuff around the attraction to mess us up the day after he left. I knew this so I texted Kirsten and told her to take the kid cot stamps so he couldn't take them. I told her that he also wanted to take a mic. We have a new mic in the pre show. I hate it, it's like a trucker mic the one with the button on the side... It sucks. You can hear yourself talking more and when you are at greeter it sounds like the person is talking into a tin can. Anyway... Kirsten loves this mic and so she didn't want him to take it. She hid that mic but left the stamps. So like he said he I'll both kidcot stamps. He also apparently trashed the office. I understand wanting to make an impact when you leave but there is no need to be an ass about it. When Madiline and I started at 12:30 it was all okay. We had one call in so there where five of us. That's okay but the first hour and a bit is difficult when an opener calles in. Other then that the day went smoothly. Nothing exciting I report other then the new mic really! After work I did laundry and now I am laying in bed listening to music. Even though I can sleep in tomorrow I am going to bed now and not stupid late. It's like back in high school. When you can sleep in on Wednesdays you go to bed three hours later on Tuesday night. Doesn't make sense but it happened every week!

Have a magical day! 


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I'm back!

I know I haven't been blogging recently. I think the problem is that I haven't been caught up since the beginning of February. I just didn't realize until now that I haven't updated since my trip back to Canada almost two months ago…. I am currently looking through my journal to see if there is anything that happened recently to update about. If not I will just get back on track with updating about my past three days off.

Looking back there is nothing that has happened too exciting to write about. I have gone to Epcot more times then I would have liked too. I went to animal kingdom twice and other then that I have spent all three of my days off sitting at home doing nothing. I always feel guilty for not going out and doing something but I don't really feel like going to a park alone. Next week I think I will go to magic kingdom as I haven't gone in two months if not longer. I always think I should do something but then every week I find myself doing the same stuff. Going grocery shopping one day and then doing nothing on my other days off.

We have had a few attractions cast members go home since the last time I updated. Leah and Zac finished their programs at the end of February. I was sad that Leah was leaving but Zac on the other hand I was okay with him leaving. He was a nice guy but at times could be a total ass. The next person to leave was Jenn, she self termed in the weirdest way possible. We still don't actually know what happened to her or for sure why she self termed. We think she tried to screw us over at work by not self  terming properly, that didn't work. We where short one person during opening but then by 12:30 we where fine and the day went smoothly. The best story I have heard about her leaving was that the earth parted Jenn fell in and then closed back up. The latest person is Jeremy. I am super sad about this one because Jeremy always makes work so much fun. We just give each other a hard time about everything and it makes the day go by so much faster. One bad thing about Jer is his NFG attitude about work. He didn't every really care about the job but he is a good cast member when it comes to guests. The thing is when he is around I don't care as much and I start to slip on being a good cast member. So that I guess is one good thing about him leaving now. He was only going to be here until the end of May like Vicky, Nicole and Matt.

Other then that I have become an official Disney trainer. I had the interview a few days after I got back from Canada and then found out I was accepted a few days later. Seeing as a few fellow cast members didn't get their proctor code (the trainer code) I wasn't celebrating yet. A few weeks later I had my train the trainer class and that was basically just common sense stuff about how to train people. Nothing I haven't done before but it was a good refresher I guess. The next day we had our proctor code class. That was just some e-learning before setting up our password. Oh yeah I did both of those classes with Kirsten, fitting as we have done everything so far together. The next day we had our shadow day, basically it's a day where you follow a trainer around learning how to be a trainer in your area. Sounds helpful if it's done right. See there was myself, Kristal and Kirsten all shadowing Allison. That was off balance to begin with, then add in the fact that she was training no one and that was just a disaster waiting to happen. I did learn stuff about being a trainer, the thing is that didn't take all day. We helped out in the attraction for an hour and then after that we learned a bit and then went on our first break and when we got back we did some more stuff and we where all done for the day and we still had an hour and a half until we could take our next break and then a few more hours after that to do something. during our second break I was going crazy from not doing anything, I asked Allison and then Kristal and I went for a walk around the attraction. That ended with us talking outside the back of the attraction about stuff for almost an hour. I don't really know what happened after that but it was the end of the day so I got on the bus and headed back to Vista.

Now lets talk about the past three days.
Monday: I made the trip to whole foods. Its about a 15 min walk to get there from Walmart. Getting to Walmart is already like a half hour bus ride, sometimes more. I walked around whole foods for a bit and then walked back to walmart. By the time I got on the bus home I had been gone for 3 hours already. I just got home, unpacked all my stuff and then relaxed for the rest of the night, talking to Nicole about what the plans where for the next day.

Tuesday: Monday was Matts birthday but he had to work so I didn't see him. The plan was that Nicole, Matt and I where going to hang out and do something. I had a gift to give him and so did Nicole. I slept in and took my time getting ready for the day. I also made vegan poutine, turned out way better then expected! I was doing this so that I wouldn't go crazy waiting for Matt to text us if he wanted to hang out. I texted him about other stuff and then we talked about us hanging out. It ended up that I went to his place and we watched a random youtube videos and 3/4 of the rocky and Bullwinkle movie before turning it off. After that I went back to my apartment journaled while making dinner and then Carrie came home from work and she was followed by Carolyn and Sheldon. We sat and talked for a bit before I left to get the bus with Matt and Nicole. I could of taken a ride with Carrie but I told them I would take the bus and there wasn't room in her car for everyone. We found Baby Nate when we where on the bus and he joined with us. On the walk to Paterson from Chatham  we watched the video Nicole made Matt for his birthday, it was fantastic!!!! We then got to the throw out and all almost died from how hot it was in that apartment. It was a big turn out as 7 people are leaving this week.

Today: Today I was planing on going to Epcot and go with Jeremy and some other people and he drank around the world one last time. I know he had other plans too of things to do around the attraction and as much as I wanted to see if he followed through on any of them I also didn't want to be apart of that. I ended up staying home and getting a few things I needed from Walgreens. Did some more journaling and now I am writing this blog in between Degrassi episodes. Currently it is 8:59pm, my plan for the rest of the night is to finish this degrassi episode, then going to bed super early so that I can wake up early and do laundry before work tomorrow and I put off doing it today!

Thats all for now! Now that I am updated I will try and update every day like I was before!!

Have a magical day!