Thursday, 28 November 2013

Kim's 21st birthday!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Kim's birthday!!! In the morning Kim and I went to the outlets. We both needed shoes for the formal next week. Disney housing is having a winter formal so we have decided to go. I already had a dress as in the first week of me being here when I went to the outlets I bought two dresses. One casual and one more fancy. Now I actually have a reason to wear it! I also bought running shoes because I have recently felt the need to work out so I needed to get shoes. I was really happy with the price of both these shoes. Running shoes and high heals for under $100. After that Kim and I went home. We had originally planned to go to Hollywood studios at 1. We got home at 12:40. Then Kim decided to spend half hour making food, when we finally left it was almost two. From there I kept getting frustrated and was in a bad mood. I could feel it inside of me that something was off and I didn't know what. I tried to be as happy as I could but they kept irritating me for some reason. As much as it sucked I think I did good a month with no bad days. We went to the park with K and this guy Wade. We had a plan not to go on tower or rockin before Carrie got there. She wanted to be there when Kim went on these rides for the first time. We walked around for awhile with me leading. I didn't know where they wanted to go or what they wanted to do. Yet kept saying they wanted to go on rides. I knew they meant thirll rides but we where saving those. That's another reason I was so frustrated. I have spent so much time looking at Disney stuff watching the vacation planing videos. So I know what to expect and what there is to do but they have no idea about anything. We went to muppets 3D I know that Wade and I think K didn't like it but I loved it so it was okay. We walked towards star tours and then Kim announced that we needed to get Wade food. Of course he wanted pizza. There was a pizza planet in the muppet area we could of gone to. So we started to walk back to the muppet area when we passed American idol experience. The cast member was yelling it was the last call for the show. They wanted to see what it was so we went in. After that we walked back to the muppet area. You could tell how unobservant they where because Wade kept asking is this it? NO DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A PLACE THAT SELLS PIZZA!!! Eventually we got there and when they where eating Carrie texted me saying she was done with work and would be there in like half hour. K and Wade wanted to go on the rides really badly you could tell that they where not happy with waiting. This put Kim in a bad mood. When Carrie was only like 10 15 min away they announced they where going on the rides and we would wait for Carrie. That was fine as they wouldn't be grumpy anymore. Once we where with Carrie all my grumpiness went away. We immediately went on tower of terror. I swear that ride gets better every time! Then we went on rockin' roller coaster. Wen we where in line we saw K and Wade. They where not that far ahead of us compared to the fact we wet on both rides like 15-20 min after them. Once we where leaving rockin' roller coaster we saw them waiting for us. We mentioned how we wanted to stay for fanstasmic, they didn't so they went home. So Carrie, Kim and I walked over and waited for fantastic! It was amazing! My favourite firework show yet! Granted I've only seen that and illuminations. After the show was over we decided to try and see how long the wait was for toy story mania. It is a really cool ride where you pull a string and then on the screen something will fly at the targets. It's so cool and was so worth the almost hour wait. By the time we got off that ride it was after park close so we went to the washroom and went home. The other girls started to get ready to go on the party bus. Carrie, Nycole and I decided to stay home. So Nycole slept and Carrie and I watched a Disney movie and then went to bed. Over all a very good day!

Have a magical day! 


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Work work work

For the last two days and now today I have had work. I thought about making a post but then I remembered that I didn't really do anything other then work. So on Sunday it was just a regular day at work, nothing exciting happened. When I got home I just ate food and then went to bed. Yesterday was just another normal day at work again. Met someone else from Markham too. On the way home I could if gotten on the 9:30 bus but it was so busy and the 2 other Canadians I where with didn't want to stand. So we waited for the next bus. It came like 25 min later. As much as it sucked it was nice talking to them. One of then I had already rode the bus home once with and the other person I hadn't it was nice bonding with them outside of work. I really want to join their circle. I know because I am new it will take awhile but it's a start. Other then that I went home made food and watched awkward. Overall a thrilling night haha. That brings us to today, I am currently on the bus going to work. I doubt anything exciting will happen. I if something happens then I will post on the way home. If not then I will post tomorrow for Kim's birthday!

Have a magical day! 


Monday, 25 November 2013

Animal kingdom

Today I had plans on going to either animal kingdom or magic kingdom. I got up early, well not really early but I just didn't sleep in. I did my laundry as organized a bit. By that time my other roommates where awake. I told K my plans and she wanted to join me. It was fine it was just that Carrie and her where going to get our new tv for apartment. It's not a new tv just new to us. After we got that and we finally left for the park it was about 1:00. I like going with K to things because she is so expressive. She gets excited about everything! We went on its tough to be a bug first. I knew what was going to happen he had no idea, that's what made it so funny. She ended up grabbing my hand like three times because things kept scaring here. We then went to Kali river rapids. I told her it is a water ride that you don't get that wet on, the plan was to trick her into going on. Once she saw people coming off the ride soaked she started freaking out. It turns out though that this one couple got all the water and the elephants that squirt water at the end no guest push the button. So we came off basically dry. It's not what I was expecting but was probably good we didn't get wet. We went on expedition Everest next. The fact that K had no idea what to expect made it so much better. She started screaming as soon as we started moving. I forgot how much I love these rides. We walked from there to Dino land. We went to primeval (or how ever you spell it) whirl. I love this ride it is so much fun. K was expecting it to be a kids ride but didn't realize what it actually did. I recorded the entire thing, it was amazing! My favourite thing she said was "I thought this was a kids ride and then it does this to me!"  We walked from there to dinasour. It was a good ride but I remeber it being a lot more extreme. That probably has to do with the fact I was a huge wimp last time we where here. As we where walking our of Dino land K stumbled and ended up breaking her shoe. So she had to walk from Dino land to this big spree in the centre of the park. It was not far but still funny as she only had one shoe on. Once we get there the parade was going on. As she was about to pay she turned and saw Mickey and then asked if she could go and see him. So he ran and saw him at the end of the parade. We got her a shoe then we went to get food. After that we walked to Africa and again we got the end of the parade. Once we got out of the parade madness we walked to Africa. There is not a lot to do there but I know I was happy to be there. We headed home after that. We relaxed for a little and then decided to go swimming. I was okay with this as I have my new life jacket for my phone and I wanted to try it out. It works! I knew it would it was just cool to actually have it. K and I decided to take advantage of this and took pictures. They didn't turn out good but I'm still learning. After that we went back inside and just relaxed until the others came home. These are the days that I am here for.

Have a magical day! 


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Book signing

Today I had the day off and I was extremely happy about that! I went I a book signing for Marty Sklar. Must be honest I had no idea who he was before I came down here. So I'm not surprised when  one else has any idea who he is, anyway he is a Disney ledgend. He helped design and build Magic Kingdom after Walt died ad he is the only person to of gone to every grand opening of every Disney park. I don't even know what his book is about really, I think it is about his life and stuff like that. I got on the first bus that could take me to team Disney. As vista was the first stop we stopped at the other two housing complexes. With that came a few other people going to the same thing. Once we got there we had to show our cast id to security and then we went and lined up. We got there at about 8:00 and the store didn't open until 9 so we had a bit of a wait. I was listening to the two people from the cp program talk to this other lady about work and the school system as such. Eventually I started talking to them too. The one girl works at a hotel in children's activities. It sounds like such a cool job to play games all day. The other guy was friends with goofy (or in entertainment as we both learned that day). We bought our books and then got in a different line where we got wristbands. Marty arrived just shortly after 10. The line was moving at a good pase, it was good because it was fast but you could also talk to him for a bit. If you wanted a picture you had to have your camera ready to give the lady when they took your wristband off. It was finally our turn at almost 11. Not bad really and considering he was only there until 12 it was good timing as probably some people didn't get a chance to meet him. He was super nice. He asked where I worked and then when I told him he asked of people asked about Canada and I said they do. Then the best thing ever happened! Marty asked where I was from in Canada I said I was from outside of Toronto. Then after the Canada question he asked if people asked me about our mayor. MARTY SKYLAR ASKED ME ABOUT HIM! It totally made my day! Anyway it was cool. We where allowed to get 2 books so I did and I am mailing one to this camper Curtis from the summer. After the book signing Carrie picked me up from down town Disney and her Carolyn and Kim went to whole foods. We had just gotten payed and then I spent it all and more.... I need to stop going to whole foods for things I can get at publix. We went to Walmart after and I got a new bath mat. Kim bought like this plastic one that didn't do anything. It would make a puddle on the mat and make the floor all wet. Once we got home I put everything away and went to down town Disney to go Christmas shopping! I mainly went there for a watch as I haven't gotten one with my birthday money from my parents. I didn't get a watch but I got a few DVDs on the making of both us parks, a walt Disney quote book and this huge walt Disney book of art. I wanted it for so long and I decided to finally get it with some birthday money as my Holliday discount. Other then that I just went home and tried to watch mean girls but my computer was acting all funky. I fixed it though!!!

Have a magical day! 


Friday, 22 November 2013

Kennedy space centre!

So today I went to the Kennedy space centre! With my family in town we all went together. They picked me up at vista at 9:30 and we where off! Of course with Bob driving and 7 of us in the car it was an exciting ride! I just sat back and laughed at what was going on. We got lost a few times and people were getting frustrated. I just laughed and remembered what it was like to travel with family. Once we got there and walked in I was disappointed. I thought it was going to be more exciting and more things to do. The first building we went into was the angry birds space incounter. I was a room with iPads and a few other interactive angry birds theme things. And they had this maze thing. It was a mirror maze with low light and weird lights. I kept thinking how this is not Disney and not to have the same expectations. From there we went and got lunch. After lunch uncle bob had all these things planed that he wanted to do when we where there. With a 2 year old ruling the schedule it was not going to be possible. We walked into this building after lunch and this one was more grand like what I was expecting. We walked up this ramp into this theatre thing. We watched this movie on the making of the space shuttle and then we walked through these doors to go into another room with a screen. We watched a movie about the take off of the space shuttle and the time between it being done and going into space. Then the screen faded and you could kind of see through it to see the room behind. Then the screen roled up and there was the shuttle hanging from the cealing. It was so big! I knew it was going to be big but never seeing one in real life made it different. They had a few things around it that where interactive. Then we walked down this ramp to the main floor. They had a lot more interactive things and simulators. They also had this take off simulator. It was so cool! I went with Stacey, Martin and Bob. They way the lady described it to this family was they lean you back and shake the seat. Basically that's what it was but it was so cool! It was really well done and the kind of stuff I was expecting. After we did that building we got on a bus and we did a tour that they said was 15 min to get to the destination but it felt longer. They talked about things in history that happened. Things they are building currently and even a bit about the animals. The bus took us to this building and this is where we got all messed up. We where to go through these big doors and walk around upstairs before coming down but those doors where closed so we followed the crowd. Who obviously had no idea what they where doing. So we ended up entering through the gift shop or the exit. It was a big building with something else hanging from the ceiling I don't remember what it was though. It was really wide and open and talked more about... Well I don't actually remeber to be honest. We walked around the gift shop and I waited with grandma while she got a few things. We then got back on the bus to head to the visitor centre. Once we got back we started heading towards the car. They took me to the house and I got the tour of it. It is a lot smaller then I expected but it is nice. Big enough so that everyone can have their own space but small enough that there is no wasted space. Stacey and Julie where going to go to the outlet store next to the commons. I went with them and was there for a little before I decided to head home. Over all it was a nice day and lovely to see my family again.

Have a magical day!


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New roomate

Yes today's the day! (Well really yesterday when I post this) we are finally getting a new roomate! We are so nervous about this because we are so close we don't want someone to mess everything up. Oh well we will have to wait and see when she gets here. Work today was boring. It was my 6th day in a row working so I am going a bit crazy. There was this lady colouring at kidcot with her daughter and a few other people and started singing "blame canada" from South Park. Of course she only knew the words blame canada so it was funny. You take your kid to a place to learn about cultures and then sing a song you don't know the words too about the best country ever. When I got home I was expecting to be the first one home other then the new roomate but Monica and K where both there. Her name is Nycole she is from Brazil and she is doing the icp. That means she is only here for 3 months then we get a new roomate. Oh boy yay new roommates..... She seems really nice, her friends are nice and their English is really good. Kim is harder to understand and her first language is English! Tomorrow is my Friday and I am really excited about that because I finally get to see my family!!!!

Have a magical day! 


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday funday

Not really to be honest. Haha hard to think of titles for a regular day. I woke up to someone in my apartment speaking Spanish. It turns out it was the cleaners for the new roommate. They cleaned both bathrooms and vacuumed all the floors and swept the kitchen. It was okay with us because we didn't have to do it. After that I just got ready for work. It was a normal day at work except for the last show tonight at 8:55. I walked out to find 4 people from bc. I love it when there is not a lot of people in the theatre. Especially when they are from canada. They had me take pictures of them in the empty theatre and they were so much fun. They also pointed out that Montreal is the only big city shown covered in snow. The one son said it was because the city is so nasty they had to have snow to make it look nice. They where pointing out where everything was. Even where the one son's apartment was. It was an amazing way to end the night. Currently on the bus back home, planning on eating food and then going to bed. My computer is being dumb so I am going to find time for me to go to the apple store and get it looked at. Hopefully it won't be hard to fix. This sucks as if they need any thing it came with I don't have it. Oh well we will see what happens.

Have a magical day! 


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Happy Saturday!

Yay! Now that I am finally caught up I will try my best to not let it happen again! Today I ended up sleeping in later then I thought I was going to. It's not normally a bad thing other then when I have to organize all my stuff before tomorrow's cleaning. I like how they do that though, new roommate moving in so they are cleaning the floors for her. Good for me so I don't have to do it! I have most of my stuff organized but I still have a few more things to do once I go home. I had work at the usual 12:30-9:15. I don't know why but this shit always seems to go by so much faster then last nights emh did. Probably because of the time diffrence. Work was good nothing to report. Oh wait yes! I don't remeber if this was today or yesterday but either way the story's the same. I was at greeter and these three adults walk up. The one guy asked if I was from Canada, I said yes I was. Then either his wife of his friends wife asked me to repeat myself. So of course I did and then she said, "I haven't heard that accent before" and walked away. Haha I just said again that I was actually from canada and they walked into the theatre. Before they got into the lobby without turning back the guy I am guessing is her husband said "we are from canada too I'm sorry." Oh yesterday when I was on promenade greeter (that's how overstaffed we where) this lady walked by and said; "I heard canada has good pot and pie. I don't like pot and I don't want pie so I don't want to go". Definitely made my rotation there so much better. My family is here now! They arrived some time this afternoon. I don't know when I am going to see them but it's nice just knowing they are in the area.

Have a magical day! 


Friday, 15 November 2013

First emh!

Today was my first ever extra magic hours! It was the same amount of hours that I normally work but because of when they where the day seemed so much slower. I started off the day with a long sleep in. I thought I deserved it after yesterday. I got ready and made food. We are gettin a new roommate in a few days as so with that we need to make room for her stuff. We have too much stuff in the freezer so we are eating all of that stuff to make room. I was working from 2:30-11:15. It was a usuall day except for the fact that I was the only 11:15. Kirsten was there until 11 but she ended up staying with me. Although I ended up closing on my own. That was okay as it was faster with just me. Now I am currently on the bus back home. I am planin in going home, changing eating and then going to sleep. Nothing exciting to report on. Some of my family are coming tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing them.  Once they get here my days will be a bit more exciting.

Until then have a magical day! 


Thursday, 14 November 2013


Okay a lot of blogs I have read say they don't post as often because they are busy. Although I understand how they say that, I am not going to use that excuse. Honestly why it has been so long is because I waited a few days before updating and then when I did it deleted everything. So I have been putting it off every time I realize how many days it has been.  I am going to try and update for every day but it wont be in full detail. I have been up since almost 5 and so I want to go to bed, but not before this is done!!!

Thursday November 7th:

This was my third day of training. We learned the safety spiel and reviewed over some last minute things to make sure we knew what we where doing. We also went over our assessment test, it is all basic stuff, really easy. I was done at 4 so I think I went and walked around epcot.

Friday November 8th:

Today was my assessment day! I was so nervous I didn't know what to expect at all! It was good though, because there where two of us we balanced each other out. We did the test and it turns out it is so the managers see how the trainers did not how well we did. So that was a lot of stress for nothing! Anyway we did that test and the rotation test. We then went to the managers office and he went over some things. I thought this would be a test of some sort so I was so nervous!! He could totally tell that I was because of the way I was acting.  He basically went over some things we covered in training and some we didn't. The conversation made me realize how many people can help us out when needed. Now they might not all actually do something, but they are there! After that was all over I walked around epcot. I keep realizing how small the parks actually are! Okay they are big but not as big as I remember them being. I guess thats what happens when you actually pay attention to whats going on around you and you get older. I went on test track and seas with nemo and friends and I loved it both.

Saturday November 9th:

Today I had the day off so I slept in and then took my time getting ready. I went to publix and got a bunch of new and exciting food! When we got back I was planing on going to EPCOT with Kim, but she left basically as soon we got home she left. So i decided to stay home instead and relax. There was suppose to be a party for this South African but it was cancelled. So I decided to go to epcot and see the fireworks with Kim.

Sunday November 10th:

Today I went to the outlets in search of a jean jacket. After a few stores I finally found one!!! I also discovered this wonderful thing that is called Silk frozen yogurt. It is amazing! Once I got home I just relaxed and cleaned my room until my roommates came home.

Monday November 11th:

Today I was originally planned to have the day off but I picked up someones shift. I did it not because I am new and didn't want to have 4 days off in a row. It was my first shift out of training. It was good a lot of tasking but other then that it was good. I worked from 12:30-9:15 my normal shift for now. I thought because he was higher up it would be an earlier shift but I was wrong.

Tuesday November 12th: 

Today was an exciting day! Carrie took all  of us roomies to get our main gate passes! We called and it turns out they ah already sent them in the mail but we could get them if we wanted to. And of course we did! After we got them Monica, Carrie and I went to whole foods. It was so exciting and wonderful to be in a place where I know the brands again. Well most of them.  We went home and then I put all my cold foods in the fridge and then I was off to Hollywood studios. I felt bad because Monica and Carrie where trying to organize everything in the freezer as we have way to much food. I met up at Hollywood studios with this guy Christian. We met over fb on a Disney group. When we met up I was relieved to find out he was who he said we was. I didn't really doubt it, I just have watched many episodes of catfish (thanks Ali) so I know what could happen. Haha anyway the first thing we did was go to Hollywood tower of terror. We also went on rockin' roller coaster, star tours, great movie ride, voyage of the little mirmaid, and a few others but I don't remeber. We ended up going on tower and rockin again before we left. 

Wednesday November 13th: 

Today was a normal day of work 12:30-9:15 nothing exciting happened that I can remeber. 

Thursday November 14th: 

It was a looking and tireing day! I got up at 4:45 to get on a bus before 6 to go to our social security appointmet. We walked to the welcome centre and got on the bus to commons. We picked up out forms and then got back on the bus. I packed so much food and my uniform thinking it would take forever. Turns out it didn't. It took half an our to get there and so we where back at vista at about 10. didn't have work until 12:30 so I had a bit of a nap. Work was a normal day nothing exciting really. 

Have a magical day! 


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Day 2 of training

So today was much better. I didn't not feel as lost or confused. I think that is always a good thing. I know that these feelings won't last long, that's what keeps motivated. The cast seems like so much fun and they all get a long great. I am looking forward to when I am not bran spankin new anymore. Today was a shorter shift from 10:00-6:45. When we got there we learned about how to do opener one. They start at ten and because of that they go to the morning meeting. After we did that we both practiced our closing spiel. I don't really remember the order of things but I know we did more greeter. Read a chapter of this book and then learned the opening spiel. This is the one we say to get the guests to go to the door and stuff like that. This one is longer and there for took me way longer to learn. Because I have this problem with my short term memory this was a bit tricky. I got most if it anyway. Like I said learning the things the fact that the rest of the cast is so supportive really helps. We practised a few times in the theatre I between shows. Rebecca is so amazing 

First day of work!

Yesterday I had my first day of on the job training. I was at training from 12:30-9:30. It was a long day but at times it went by fast. I was training with another girl who is also doing attractions with me. We ended up on the same bus and we went to cast services together. We arrived quite early so we waited for our trainer Rebecca. Rebecca arrived with another girl Vicky. Rebecca is leaving in a few weeks so Vicky was learning how to be a trainer. We started off my clocking in and then going to costume. The sizes for costumes are not real life sizes so don't feel bad if you have to wear a bigger size then normal. After we got all sorted out at costuming we walked to Canada. There is a bus that goes to all the pavilions. They call it the "lazy bus" this is because if your country is close then you might as well walk. Granted if your country is on the other side of the showcase it's not that far but it's more of a reason to take the bus. Once we got to the pavilion we went Into the break trailer she showed us around there and we put our stuff down. After that we went to lunch. They have a lot of selection depending on what you like. After lunch the real training began. Rebecca told us it would feel like so much is being thrown at us and there was. It gets easier though as each day goes on. We learned the closing spiel which is  I hope you enjoyed our tour of my Canada. Please gather up all of your personal belongings and exit through the doors on your left. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day in Epcot". The first time I had to that in front of people just happened to be my first time saying it out loud. I went up there pressed the button and had a total brain fart. Lucky the trainer was just behind me probably just for this reason and took over. Before that I was stressing about learning the spiels and messing up. The cast on the attractions are all amazing people and always made me feel like what I did was fine. They would tell stories about how they messed up. I felt better about everything after that. We learned about greeter and the different situations. We didn't go over closer we went over illuminations though. When you do that you are alone and when you are closing there are other people there. Found illuminations makes you feel quite special because you have a walkie talkie and such. Overall a good first day, long but good! I ended up getting home at about 10:30. I got home ate food and then passed out.

Have a magical day! 


Monday, 4 November 2013

Training day one/ My birthday!

I didn't update yet about yesterday and I wanted to update before any more time went by without an update. I haven't found that I am super busy just that when I am home I am talking to my roommates or eating. Anyway I had yesterday off! Because we don't have our park passes yet we need to find something else to do! I slept in and then took my time getting ready! After that I took the bus to the commons and went to the outlet and then to Walmart. When I got back a few hours later Kim and I went to the boardwalk. We where planing on going to the Poli to go watch the fireworks but we decided not to.

And then that brings us to today! My birthday!
My birthday was good, mostly because I kept forgetting it was my birthday! The day started off with a early bus ride to EPCOT for discovery day! I didn't think I could like anything more then traditions but I did! I will not say much about it because I had no idea what to expect and so it was amazing! It was really cool to see the original plans for EPCOT and Walt's vision. I am a HUGE Walt Disney fan, so this class was amazing! After lunch I had some e-learning, it was so boring but luckily I finished about an hour early so I came home right away. I am so lucky to have a roommate with a car! She took me to walmart so I could get my boots for work tomorrow! Really the best thing I could ever hope for ever!!! Then we picked up Carolyn from Paterson and she dropped the two of us off at DTD. When Carrie got back to DTD with the other girls we went bowling. It was so much fun! I love all of those girls so much! It has only been a short time and I all ready am so close to all of them! Carrie told the waiter it was my birthday so he gave me a candle and did this weird dance thing. It was amazingly random but I loved it! These girls have quickly become my family and I love them so much! We all look out for each other and we all care.

Tomorrow I have my first official on the job training! I am so glad I have someone else who is training with me so that it is less awkward for me! I am working from 12:30- 9:30 it kinda sucks that it ends so late, but at least I will know how to close and the other days are early endings. I am looking forward to actually knowing what I am doing. When I first got here the first 24 hours I was so lost and confused and now I understand everything a lot more. I am excited for the time when I actually know what I am doing and not stressing about work.

That is all for now!
Have a magical day!


P.S My phone is still canadian! My phone is not unlocked and so the sim wont work in it this sucks!

Sunday, 3 November 2013


YAY!!! Finally got to do traditions!!! So today started with an early wake up. I got up at about 6 and started getting ready. At about five to seven K and I went to the bus stop and waited for the bus to come. When we got on the bus we went straight to Disney university! When we got there we signed in and then a little bit later we walked to the classroom. All though they never said not to tell anyone about traditions I am not going to give anything away. I am going to say it was so much better then I expected. They have a lot of surprises (not really if you read a lot about it like I did). We learned about the 4 keys and Safe-D begins with me. We talked them over and over again but it is good because now I have it memorized! Overall the day was amazing! I loved it so much! On the way back we had a few roomie pictures outside of the university and then all drove home in Carrie's car.  I love my roommates more and more each day! They are all wonderful people and we are becoming so close in a short time! I can already tell I will have a super hard time saying goodbye to these girls!

Thats all for traditions!  I am going to see if we can get into the parks for free yet!

Have a magical day!


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Day off number one!

This morning we didn't do much. I slept in a little and then got ready. One of my roommates from Norway had her throw in last night and they didn't know where one person was. So Monica and I went to his apartment to check I see if he was home. After that K and I got on a bus to the commons at almost one. She needed to go and change over some money to American. Once we got to the commons we walked over to the outlets. On the way to the exchange place K saw a photo booth so we went and took our photos. They look amazing if I do say so myself! After our adventures there we walked back to commons to wait for the bus to down town Disney!! Down town Disney looks a lot different then I thought it would. It is still really cool though. The world of Disney store is amazing, it is basically everything they sell in one store! I can't wait to have a discount! After downtown we bused back to vista way. We where going to go for a swim but then decided to walk to this store so K could get a new baiting suit. After we got back we went to the pool for about two hours. After that we both where getting tired do we went back and made ourselves dinner.  We just had a relaxing night at home and through out that time out other roommates came home. Kim, Carrie and I all picked out our outfits for  traditions and got our things ready. Tomorrow is traditions and I am so excited!!! I will update tomorrow (actually today when I post this) about traditions. 

Have a magical day!


Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 2

Yesterday we had an imagration meeting in the commons club house. Basically going over what will get us kicked out of the country and filling out forms to be able to work here. Once that was done we had a bit of a break. I came back to the apartment and had some lunch and then Carrie and I went to the dollar store. I like this dollar store because everything is truly a dollar or less. Unlike stores in Canada where it could be $3 an item. After that I had to go to the vista way pavilion for 1pm. They gave us all different times to go and hand in our papers. I was lucky one of the first ones inside so I was back at the apartment by 1:30. My other roommates where not that lucky. They had a 1:30 time and didn't get back until 3. After that I stayed in the house until I started going crazy. I wanted to go somewhere so bad. I decided to go to Publix and I fell in love with that place! It was the first place that actually had vegan stuff. After that I came home ate dinner and then at about 10:30 myself, K, Kim and three african boys went to the pool. We where there for a little but then Kim and I got tired and came back to the apartment. That was basically yesterday. I love publix and got so many vegan goodies I am so happy!

Have a magical day!