Sunday, 29 September 2013

One month mark!

It has come to the time to the one month mark! I am so excited! On Tuesday it will be October first. It will seem even more real then because it will be less then one month! I got an email from Disney about some more things I need to do before I leave. I was doing something else at the time but obviously, I wouldn't be able to focus on what I was doing. So I tried to fill out my housing stuff and watch this video. Unfortunately the website is down right now. I keep checking, as soon as it a back up I will do it right away. I will update as soon as the site works again to explain what I have done.

Have a magical day! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Luggage randomness

This is another random blog post with really no relation to Disney at all.

I bought my luggage! Probably not a lot of people will know this but for some reason I have this strange obsession with luggage. I don't know why but I just like it. I am not to the point where I can tell you information about different company's or anything. I just like the way that it looks for some odd reason. Anyway I got this 28" luggage from the bay. They where having this huge sale on most of the luggage. The luggage I got was normally priced at $400 but with the sale I got it for $140. When I was there I saw this one peice of luggage that caught my eye, haha yeah I sound crazy even to myself. It was a white luggage with Canadian things on it. There where things like tim hortons coffee cups, skiers, CN tower, parliment building and things like that. It was a bit bigger but the only down side was it was not on sale. So it was a 30" luggage still priced at $400. I liked it but I was not crazy enough to pay that much for it. Well fast forward three weeks. My dad is looking at the flyers and points out that the luggage I liked was on sale. It happened to be the same price as the one I already bought. So I decided to exchange it and get the Canadian one. In the end I left the store with the Canadian luggage and a bay gift card for $4.75. It turns out that on top of the 60% sale they also had another promotion going on to get me an extra 15% off of the 60%. So I ended up getting the bigger luggage that I liked better and they owed me money. What! I am totally okay with that. Although I doubt you can find much in the bay for $4.75.  
I don't normally post pictures and wasn't planing on it untilI got down there. I decided to post a picture of the luggage. I am so obsessed with it I want who ever reads this to see it! So here it is: 

 Yeah it's really not that exciting. I find it really cool looking. I also can reconise all the things on there! My little test to myself before I go to Disney :p 

Anyway enough about luggage! 

Have a magical day! 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Life is a highway


Haha so the title if this post is my way of making this blog post even a little bit disney related. I have my G licence test next week and I am so nervous! For those who don't know what that is, Ontario has a three different levels for driving licences. Depending on your experience you can have different licences. The G licence though is the full licence, one you get that you are done. No more studying, no more drivers ed or driving tests. You have this licence for life unless you are stuipd and loose your driving privlage. Anyway like I said I have my driving test for my G licence next week. Although I should feel confidant I am so nervous! Honestly if I fail the only thing I loose is my money for the test. I can try again when I get back from Disney. For this test you have to go on the highway and do some basic driving skills. I asked someone who has passed this test what she had to do. She said she had to go on the highway (obviously) three point turn (did amazing at this in drivers ed and g2 road test, haven't done it since), emergency pull over ( have never done this but sounds basic enough) and back into the parking space. I am FREAKING OUT about the reversal into the parking space! I am so awful at this it's embarrassing! I was never really good at this. Since I left drivers ed I totally forgt and prayed I didn't have to do this on my road test.  Thankfully I didn't the first time, I am going to practice my butt of to be a pro for this test. Her brother said instead of backing in to the parking space he had to parallel park. This I'm okay with, better then reversing! I will have to practice this a few times to remeber and get the hang of it but then other then that it should be fine. I don't know why I am so nervous! I feel like I am a good driver, I obey all the rules and compared to some people my age I haven't gotten into an accident. I hope it goes well!

I have done some Disney stuff so I will write about that soon, just needed to rant about driving for a bit! 

Have a magical day! 


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Medical insurance

Medical insurance was one of the few bigger things I needed to figure out before leaving to Disney. I decided to go with seven corners insurance. They are the company that yummy jobs has advertised on their website. I decided to go with them soley on the reason that other people have gone with them. So that way I also didn't have to do any research about insurance company's. You only need insurance for the first four months of your contract. Then after that you can switch over to Disneys health insurance. I got the insurance for just a little over four months to make sure there is some possible overlap to be safe. It was really easy to figure out what to do. Yummy jobs gave me all the information I needed when I first got hired about medical insurance and how much coverage I needed. Although Disney is trying to do everything themselves now to do with the crp. I am guessing that once the transition is completed Disney will give the next round of applicants the information they need.
If any one has any questions feel free to email me any time!

Have a magical day! 


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Frustrated, lost and confused

I have no idea what is going on right now. For so long I have been thinking that they make it very easy for you to transition to Disney, now i'm not to sure. I have a feeling that they are trying a new system where Disney careers is the main company instead of yummy jobs, but no one has told us. It use to be that if you where from Canada and you had any questions you could e-mail Kristen from yummy jobs. I don't think she has anything to do with the program as it is getting closer to the arrival date and no e-mails from her. I have received one e-mail from yummy jobs recently about hotels and places to stay incase you arrive early for your program. I wish they would just send out an e-mail saying this is whats going on from now on any further questions can be directed to. Just anything to know that we have someone to talk to. I also think that they are switching over to paperless everything so I don't think I am receiving a welcome pack in the mail. I am 90% sure I have gotten the equivalent of it by an email titled 'welcome'. When I had a question about the exact length that you needed medical insurance, on the Facebook group someone said they tell you in the welcome pack. I HAVENT RECEIVED A WELCOME PACK, AND THERE WAS NO MENTION ABOUT INSURANCE ON ANY EMAIL RECENTLY! I am not mad at anyone, this process will get figured out eventually and maybe for the people just applying it will be more clear to them. But for me someone who started out with yummy jobs, for them to switch it two months before I leave is a bit confusing. I emailed Disney and they said I need it for the first 90 days.... THATS NOT FOUR MONTHS! Ugh I am just stressed because this is such a big thing to possibly mess up! I do not want to pay for insurance and then it be the wrong length! I guess we will wait and find out!

Sorry about the rant, I just needed to vent some of my frustration. This does not in any way make me dislike Disney or this program any less. Once it gets sorted out it will all be magical again!

Have a magical day!


Friday, 6 September 2013



I decided to go with flying and I'm glad I did! I was talking to a fellow October 29th (Carolyn) girl about her flight. I asked when she was arriving in Orlando and she said 1:21 and that was the same time that the flights I was looking into landed. So that made me want to drive down less, knowing that someone would be on the other end that I could meet up with. Well it turned out that her connecting flight from Edmonton leaves from Toronto. That made me more exciting knowing we could have the same flight, and if not then we would connect in orlando. I asked and she booked a flight with west jet and so I looked up west jet flights, as I was planing on going with Delta. I thought I found the flight so i decided then that I would defiantly fly and not drive. This morning I talked to my mom about it and I texted my dad saying that I wanted to fly. I booked my flight, and so now its official! I am for sure going to Disney on October 29th! I was so nervous to press the confirm button! Booking the flight is a huge step. Its the thing that for me makes me realise that I'm actually going to florida! After booking my flight I emailed Disney international recruiting telling them my flight information and am waiting to hear back confirming they got this information. The next big step of medical insurance, I am starting to look into it but I might just go with Seven Corners because I won't have to look up any more options.

Thats all for now,

Have a magical day!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Even more confused

I am even more confused now. I talked to my dad and I am slowly moving to his side. I like the idea of driving but my heart is set on flying. It would be nice to spend two days alone with my dad but that's also two days that I could spend at home. Fly I will fly final decision. I WILL FLY TO ORLANDO!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fly or drive?

That seems to be the biggest theme of my week so far. My dad wants to drive me to Florida but I want to fly. They are both good options but they both have downsides too. If I fly its only a 3 hour flight to get to Orlando. Where as driving would be almost two days. Flying would give me more time at my house but driving I would have more one on one time with me dad. I kind of want to go with flying because so many people have blogged about their flight so I know what to expect. With driving on the other hand I have no idea, and I can't plan things out either. Flying I have a concrete answer of when the plane leaves and lands (without delays), driving I have no idea. I also want to do this alone, I have it planed in my head that I will go to the airport with my family say goodbye then continue on to security. If my dad was to drive me down then I would have him there when I go to check in he would drive me to my apartment and then probably be there for my huge Walmart trip. Yes that would be helpful not having to take all that stuff on the but it wouldn't be the same experience. I will talk to him about it this weekend. I really want to fly but I feel bad if he really wants to drive down. Even the fact he is offering to drive me down makes me assume he really wants to. We will see what happens though, fingers crossed that I book my flight this week!

Have a magical day! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

55 more days

So I am finally home from camp! Time to start fully getting ready for disney! I have a few things that need to get done this week and a few things I would like to do. I payed the program assessment fee yesterday that was $100, it basically reserves your spot in housing and pays for a few other things that happen when you get down there. Once you pay you will need to print off the proof of payment and bring it on your arrival day. I have to book my flight too this weekend, my dad wants to drive me so I am guessing thats why he keeps putting this off. When ever i mention it to him he doesn't say anything back. I said I would think about driving down but that is a lot of driving and I just kind of want to get there, instead of  taking almost two days to get there. I also am thinking about the fact that if he drives me, he will be there at check in and to get the full experience I want to do everything on my own. I understand it from his side too though. His oldest daughter/child is moving away for a year for the first time ever, so he wants to be there. I also just want to rip it off like a band-aid, when I get to the airport and go through those doors that I have to fend for myself, and only rely on myself. I also want to get my video camera and a few other small things I want before leaving. One good thing about this trip is that I will buy almost everything down there so I wont go with much. I will keep in mind that I will be coming home with so much more, so I will pack as light as I can.
I have to fill out my hiring package too, I am going to print that off tomorrow and fill it out. I keep thinking with things that I have time left so I should just wait and do it. I am going to from now on do everything right away because I have a feeling that before I leave things will be more hectic and stressful so i should do it now. One big thing I keep thinking about is my leaving party. I am thinking of people I want to be there, what I want to give as a thank you gift and things like that. it seems like a while away but I leave in exactly eight weeks today! I am trying to not think about the fact that I have to say goodbye sooner rather then later. Anyway thats all for now!

Have a magical day!