Monday, 13 May 2013

Remember when...

Remember the time when I was trying to get excited about going to Disney. Instead I felt guilty because so many people are still on the wait list? Yeah I sure do... Its right now. I have mixed emotions about this, on one hand I want to feel so happy and talk about it with fellow Disney people. Yet at the same time I know how many people are still on the opportunity list. I understand how it feels to be them. To not know what is going to happen and it sucks. If you are one of them currently, I understand what you are going through. I remember how I felt when I found out I was on the opp list and people got dates. I was happy for them but at the same time I wished that it was me. There are times when I have a question about something that is not going to be needed for a few months. I decide its better not to ask until necasary. I know that any time you see that someone has posted in the FB group, you automatically think that someone got an email. Its weird for me to say this because I have not met many of the people in the FB group, but it feels like we are family. I have heard people use that word when in Disney, but it feels like it already. We are all competing for the same jobs, yet no one is mean to anyone.  When there is an interview we wish everyone good luck, and when people get results we always say congratulations. I hope everyone finds out soon! Even though I know that I am going and I got the job, I still feel that a part of me is with the others are on the list.

Have a magical day and good Luck to all!


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Background Check

This is a short blog but I just wanted to explain how getting a background check works. This is a lot different then the UK's process. The process is really simple, you have to go to your nearest police customer services unit. Google Criminal record check and where you live and it should come up. When you arrive there its set up really well so anyone can figure out what to do. You go in and fill out a one sided form, with all your information. You need to bring two peices of photo Id with you. I would bring a drivers licence if you have one. After you fill out the form, line up and give your form and id it should cost around $45. They should give it to you right away with a little bit of a wait. Then all you have to do after that scan it and send the photo to Kristen and thats it!

Have a magical day!